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Kindergarten Orientation

Kindergarten Orientation at Pretty Beach Public School 

Thank you for considering enrolling your child at Pretty Beach Public School. Pretty Beach Public School is a wonderful place for children to be educated. It offers a wide variety of programs and activities that cater for the individual needs of students in a small school environment.

Kindergarten transition plays an important part in a child’s education and is invaluable in establishing a lifelong love of learning. The Kindergarten transition program offered at Pretty Beach Public School is called ‘The Ripples’. ‘The Ripples’ Kindergarten Transition Program is an innovative transition to Primary school program. It assists students beginning Primary school to establish support networks amongst their peers, familiarise with our school’s staff and environment and provides our teachers the opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of student’s social capacity, fine motor skills, speech ability and general school readiness. ‘The Ripples’ also offers great opportunities for parents and caregivers to learn about the programs offered at our school, establish parental support networks and familiarise themselves with our staff, the environment and expectations in Kindergarten.

If you have an questions in regard to the Kindergarten Transition process or about ‘The Ripples’ Kindergarten Transition Program please do not hesitate to contact our school’s office.

We are looking forward to seeing your child at ‘The Ripples’!


Congratulations to all our 2020 graduating Ripples participants! Please enjoy our graduation ceremony video below. 

Please note, not all our students could be in attendance on the day, or be filmed on the day, due to parent wishes. 

We look forward to welcoming all our pre-kindy students as official Kindergarten students in 2021 as well as their parents and families back through our school gates in early new year.  

Photos of 2021 Kindergartens Orientaion sessions 

During the sessions we took some photos of our 2021 having fun while sampling kindergarten routines. Follow this link to see these photos.

Ripples program - 2020

Due to COVID restrictions this year, our Kindergarten orientation looks just a little bit different. unfortunately, our Year 4 buddies were not able to visit our pre-kindy students at Pretty Beach Preschool to form imporant relationships and additional social support. However, we have some creative ways planned for our Year 4 buddies to introduce themselves and look forward to forming strong and supportive relationships between our buddies and their kindergarten students at the start of 2021.

Please trust that we will go to every effort, within the current department and NSW Health guidelines, to help our enrolling students in their positive and smooth transition to our school.

To this end, we are currently adding some fun and informative videos for our pre-kindy students and their parents to our webpage, highlighting the little “need-to-know” things about our school and allowing our pre-kindies to become familiar with the layout and important spaces around our school. 

Over the coming weeks, we will add more short videos so that our enrolling students can learn about different spaces around our school, such as the library and  the office . 

Two of our introductory videos are now accessible for families to view together: simply scroll down and click on the image to play each video. 

Visit our Kindy classroom! 

Click the video below to take a tour of the classroom and meet some of our students from 2020! 

Kindy reflections!

Click the video below to check out some of our current kindy students reflecting on kindergarten this year and offering some advice and encouragement for our students joining us in 2021! 


New to our school? Click on the video below to get to know our wonderful teachers!

Check out our video below which introduces students to the office!

Check out our video which introduces our new students to our library!

first day


General information: starting Kindergarten at Pretty Beach Public School.

The video below is a short presentation which provides some information for parents about starting kindergarten at PBPS, covering some of the information usually shared in a parent info session. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, parents will be provided with time to chat individually to Mrs Gordon and have all questions/queries addressed. 

Resources and futher information for parents

  • kinder readiness
  • parent questionnaire
  • information about lunches
  • information regarding food allergies
  • student banking
  • the role of dispositions in kindergarten transition
  • Best Start assessment
  • Parent survey