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Inspector's Report 1927

The following is the Inspector's report of the school given by Mr Dunlop after a visit on 10th June, 1927

Attendance: Enrolment: 44 Attendance: 32

The buildings are new and in very good order. Sufficient accommodation is provided, and the lighting and ventilation are good. The grounds are suitable for a playground and are being fenced with the aid of the P & C Association. The furniture consists of dual desks and forms in good condition. The school is short of material at present, and supplies are being applied for at the end of this quarter. Good teaching aids have been made by the teacher and more are being provided.

The classification is satisfactory, and good individual records of study of the pupils are shown. Quarterly examinations are being held and good tests and estimates are shown in the record. The school records have been kept neatly and accurately, and suitable lesson guides have been compiled. A library is being formed, five pounds being allocated by the P & C Association. Form a museum and a Gould League as early as practicable. A garden is being made as soon as the grounds are fenced. The organization of the new school is very satisfactory.

The conduct of the pupils is good and they are pleasant in manner. The mental activity is fair, but is improving. The attendance is very fair. Pupils formerly travelled irregularly to Woy Woy and bad habits have to be cured. They arrive punctually at school. Cleanliness is being inculcated and the children are neatly dressed. Physical exercises are taken regularly and are efficiently performed by the pupils

Suitable methods are being employed in instruction and habits of industry and attention are being encouraged.

The reading is fair. Sound methods are being used with the younger pupils and all should improve with more practice. The oral expression is fair. Adopt some systematic course of phonetics and give daily practice.

The recitation of the poetry is fair. Keep lists as suggested and get good expression and enunciation. Writing is fair. Good methods are being used to get neatness and uniformity.

Spelling in dictation tests was fair. Defects are being tackled and progress is already in evidence. Composition shows fair expression. Give plenty of variety in the language and grammar lessons.

Written arithmetic results are very fair. Neater arrangement might be insisted on. Tables, notation exercises and combinations were fairly done and all these sections need frequent practice. Fair work was shown in Geometry.

Chip carving and paper folding are taken as handwork and a very fair commencement has been made. Trueline drawing of objects is fair. See syllabus for work for each class. Very fair drawing is shown in the brushwork of mature specimens. Good interest is shown in the history stories, and the answering is very fair. The notes are given on good lines.

Very fair work was done in civics and scripture stories. Geography is very fair in response and mapping and the pupils talk freely.

Nature study lessons on local specimens are good and pupils show good notes of observations.

Singing is fair in theory, very fair in scales, and good in the part songs. Good progress has been made in this subject.

Sewing is very fair in variety, and good notes are being compiled. The record draws a good average of work for each girl.