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Kincumba Learning Community

The Kincumba Learning Community includes Avoca Beach, Copacabana, Pretty Beach and Kincumber Public Schools and Kincumber High School. Our partnership has become stronger as we work together to plan and share information, knowledge and expertise across all schools and focus on student learning and positive outcomes for all.

As the Kincumba Learning Community we have developed a public education profile and promotion program, a comprehensive and highly effective Year 6 to Year 7 transition program, a successful Aboriginal education program and a comprehensive professional learning program for teaching staff across all five schools.

 1. Transition Year 6 to Year 7

Our well-established transition programs mean that students enter new environments settled, confident and ready to learn. There are numerous joint partner primary school/high school activities including assembly performances, anti-bullying boot camp and gifted and talented workshops in visual art and science. The positive results of this can be seen in how quickly and confidently students adjust to high school and get on with their learning.

2. Aboriginal Education

Indigenous students' backgrounds and cultural practices are respected and celebrated through programs promoting connectedness and inclusivity. Across the learning community a team has developed an Aboriginal Action Plan in partnership with the local Tjudibaring Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG). Included in this plan are stronger mentoring links from primary to high school, ongoing joint participation in the 5 Lands Walk and other reconciliation activities. Personalised Learning Plans to support our Aboriginal students from K to 12 continue to have a strong focus.

3. Anti-Bullying Plans

Building on the ‘bully proofing' activities of the Year 6 to 7 transition program, Kincumber High School's anti-bullying plan was reviewed and aligned with primary school plans. Students get a consistent message about prevention, reporting and consequences across the school community from Kindergarten to Year 12. Values education across all schools creates an atmosphere of mutual respect, acceptance, compassion, tolerance and the pursuit of excellence.

4. Kincumba Numeracy Improvement Team (KNIT)

The team consists of representatives from each school. A self-evaluation process was used to highlight strengths and areas for improvement in each school and a plan developed to respond to the common areas identified. The team, led by Mrs Angela Crowe, developed a professional learning package to support the implementation of the new mathematics syllabus for 2015. Planned professional learning sessions and sharing opportunities between teachers in the mathematics faculty in the high school and Stage 3 teachers in the primary feeder schools further developed and strengthened mathematical knowledge and understanding across the schools. 

5. Kincumba Implementing Science and Technology (KIST) Team

The KIST team has been developed with staff representation from all schools to assist with the implementation of the science syllabus in 2015. Led by Mrs Jane Rees, the team also focuses on enhancing and deepening the scientific knowledge and understanding across all the Kincumba Learning Community's group of schools.

6. Kincumba Shines

Kincumba Shines is a joint performance night held every two years. These highly successful evenings are held in Education Week and showcase dancers, presenters, performers and singers from each school. The combined choir is a particular highlight.