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Our school based canteen is open each Friday for orders. Due to the complications of anaphylaxis, our school is a ‘Peanut Free' environment.

2023 Canteen Menu

Lunch orders need to be made by 3pm on Thursday. Orders can be made online via an e-form on the Skoolbag App or by putting a bag and money in the gold box in the office. This is to ensure lunches can be ready for lunch on Friday at 10:55am. If your child is sick on Friday just phone the office and the order can be held over for the following week or a refund can be given.  Hot food must be pre-ordered for lunch (first break) only. Frozen items are available for purchase over the counter only and cannot be ordered.

What is required on the order when using a paper bag:

  • Student's name
  • Class (not year)
  • Details of the order
  • Price against each item
  • Total of the order (the correct money would be appreciated)

Our canteen continues to meet the Healthy School Canteen Strategy which provides healthy food and drink options. In addition our school canteen is registered with the NSW Food Authority.

Did you know using the canteen can also be a learning tool? Students can practice purchasing items and learn the value of money. To assist younger students over the counter items have the coins they require on them as a visual aid. If using a bag to place an order we also encourage older students to write out their order by using the canteen menu, add up their order and enclose the required money etc.

Our school canteen also endeavours to be environmentally friendly and has received an award for being a 'Green Canteen'. Some items are served in reusable containers, we use wooden forks and serve items in paper bags and this has helped reduced waste in our playground as well as in our environment. An extra 20c is added to the cost and then refunded when the container is returned.

To encourage healthy eating, we grow vegetables in our school garden located next to the canteen and are able to use these in our canteen.


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